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Corporate video:

We advise you for the creation of the corporate video that your organization requires, promotional, internal corporate, for social networks, etc.

Activations and promotional events:

We accompany you at your event by offering you the address of your event and the means you require for it, offering you a wide range of options for your event to be successful.


Media strategy:

Knowing the attributes of your brand, we offer one or several alternatives to generate traffic for your product or service and therefore customers.

Brand positioning:

We develop comprehensive advertising strategies for your business, seeking that your brand has the desired positioning in the mind of the consumer.

Integral steering wheel:

Together with the client, we generate a strategy for the distribution / activation of flyers for each of the businesses we serve.

Audio and production  musical

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Music and Audio Jingles:

We create sounds for your videos, events, applications or any type of audio that you require, "voice over" or music.

Sound Design:

For closed spaces or music studio setup, We design your music studio or production room or recording booth.

Cd recording:

We produce each "track" of your album in the most professional way.

Custom audio mockups:

Audio or custom music and composition.

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