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Análisis de mercado


We prepare market studies tailored to your project ...


Market study that seeks to quantify various opinions, mentions, participations or data collected through quantitative tools.


Market research that looks for data that cannot be quantified and that is of utmost importance to the organizations that request it.

Real estate:

Focused on obtaining data from the industry, the competition, the target audience and potential clients. All projects are personalized.


Where it is required to obtain information and data on public and private opinion, internally in the company or to the general public on specific topics.

Project feasibility:

To know how feasible / probable it is that the project can work and the variants or measures that must be taken beforehand for the same project.

It works very well with companies that require specific data and information for the security of their project .

Secondary sources:

Study that focuses on obtaining existing data sources.


Measurement of service quality (Service Quality):

ServQual is a method that measures the quality of the service in different lines of business such as:

  • Restaurants.

  • Services.

Focus group:

Focus group, this study is qualitative and is carried out with the technical support of "Gessel Chambers" and rooms and halls equipped with "Gessel System" where one or more groups are invited and a group conversation is carried out with the target audience or customers of the product. or service and seeks to get accurate information from them.

  • Mystery shopper (mystery shopper with research objectives).

Professional Business Consulting ...

Professional advice in BUSINESS:

In order to generate successful and effective strategies for your business.

Professional advice on  MARKETING:

Comprehensive step-by-step advice on marketing strategies and your personal questions.


Focused on your business processes, we make a tailored suit to support your objectives by offering professionals ready to push your business intelligence.  


You are a franchise or you want to be, then we support you with our large group of experts so that your purposes and objectives are achieved and to be able to make your idea and business possible.  

SALES department advice:

We enter your sales process using cutting-edge theory and elements that will support and improve your sales process and customer closure. 

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